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Debra Burke

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Founded by a former CEO of an international tax and accounting firm, Debra Burke brings more than 25 years of coaching and leadership experience along with her passion to the mission of Intentional Growth which is to offer transformational change and impactful business coaching, at a time when business has been turned upside down. Debra's goal is to help your whole organization to benefit and grow from it.

Debra has recently been CEO of an international tax/accounting firm for over 6yrs, where she successfully transformed a firm, growing to a team over 60 people in 4 global offices. Prior to that, she has many years experience working in public accounting and tax,

and transitioned into coaching/consulting with professional service firms. She is currently a candidate for MSc in Organizational Psychology.


Be More. Do Less. 

Intentional Growth is a business consulting and coaching firm aimed at helping business owners and executive leaders make transformational changes so their organizations and

their teams can order to be relevant and valued in the lives of team members and clients. 

The focus isn't on doing more, or striving more, it's about making the right changes that allow you

and your team to be more. 

It's About Thriving. Not Striving. 

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