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Essential Coaching
Understand the changes required to grow your business today!

We believe that while change may be inevitable,

growth is intentional. 

In this post-pandemic, 'new world' that we all live in, change is the name of the game, more than ever. Organizations that had issues managing change before, will surely be having many struggles now. Businesses cannot and must not believe that they can do what they did before. As comfortable or as successful as that might have been, new times call for new strategies. However, getting everyone on board for change isn't easy and sometimes seems quite impossible. You need a coach who's had to deal with these issues, not only from coaching experience, but also from real world experience with her own team and has the success record to prove it.   

Through coaching with Debra Burke at Intentional Growth, we will work with you to understand what changes are necessary for your organization to thrive in this new world order. We'll work with you and your team to thrive, while improving the agility of your business and help you to stay ahead of the changes that you will need to attract talent and grow your business.

We have developed a unique coaching system focused on helping everyone, from executive leadership to each individual who works with/for your organization, to build the healthy foundation on which everything grows and thrives...your people! 

about us

Intentional Growth is a business consulting and coaching firm aimed at helping business owners and executive leaders make informed, tough, and strategic decisions on how to make the most important changes in order for their organizations to thrive!


Founded by a former CEO of a large international tax and accounting firm, Debra Burke brings 30 years of coaching and leadership experience along with her passion, to the mission of Intentional Growth which is to offer transformational change and impactful business coaching, at a time when business has been turned upside down. Debra believes that's a good thing and wants to help your whole organization to benefit and grow from it.